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            About us
            Shantou Oriental Technology Co.,Ltd.is located in XiaShan,Chao Nan Distrist,Shantou city,Guangdong Province,CHINA Which covers over 36,000 square meters,the construction coverage .... >>MORE
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             Own the world most advance aluminum monobloc aerosol can making line, it is sole most modern aerosol can making lines in China with the production speed of 240 pcs/Min. It provide the top quality Aluminum aerosol can which fully meet the requirement of both China and international standard.

             The Automatic aluminum aerosol can production line install SIMENS PLC control system. The system consists of data centre and operation computer of each station. All controls are placed on a rotary pendant push button panel, provide with synoptic screen.The programmable digital system of machine allows the communication of data to a separate centralized protected by automatic safety devices. It could not only protect the production in safe condition but to ensure stable quality control.